Click HERE to post your Observation Podcast as a stopgap until we can get the blog uploading to wrok smoothly.

The first step is to go to and access your video.
Click on share and embed. Click on the smallest video url (432x240)
Do not copy the video url, only copy the url between the quotations (it should start with http and end with widget.js)
You will insert this url where it says ANIMOTO URL below.

For the podcast go to the page where you can edit your post.
Click on the audio link next upload/insert.
Select the file and upload it to the wordpress blog.
After it is done uploading it should ask for a caption and description. You can leave these fields blanks.
Click on file url. Copy this url and post it where it says FILE URL below.

The last step is to insert the title of your post for the link to your podcast.
For this step all you have to is replace the word TITLE in the code below with what you want the link to show up as.

<script src="ANIMOTO URL" type="text/javascript"></script>
<table border="2">
<td><a href=''FILE URL''>TITLE</a></td>

After inserting your different links and title you can copy the entire code and paste into your post before your essay.

Intro and Outro Music

Just Intro...

Just Outro...
Intro: from Normal Peoples Radio this is all things considered, im (say your name)
Outro: For Normal Peoples Radio this has been (say your name).