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Anna Weis- 2010 Madrigal Dinner

Lance Jessurun - Fresh Market -

Erin Smith

Jane McMahon "A Cinematic Time Machine"

Melanie Goebel

Chemical Chaos: A Look Into the AP Chemistry Lab

Samantha Walker: Mr. D's Small Town Charm


Stephanie Carlson
-only look at the first page of each document. Disregard any additional pages; I could not force Word to delete them.

---- End Stephanie ----

"A House filled with Bangladeshis" By Elora Karim

"Midnight Premier: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1"

"The Brightest Crayon"

Observational Essay Final Draft.pdf
"Family Holiday" Alia Khan

"The Science of Food"

"The Music Within Us"-Emily Donnel

"..Not Just For Actors."

Athletic Training: Not a Munn-dane Calling

"Patients Matter" CJ Hamilton

Rural America

"The Ultimate War Sport" Stephen Chow Our "political analyst" scrutinizes the dmv

Marissa Diekhoff

Aaron Tuttle