2010-2011 Entries
What is my generations role in America's future?
Claire Brownstone

Stephanie Carlson

((I did not feel comfortable downloading the software suggested to make this into an mp3 file because I did not think the source of the software seemed credible, and a WAV file was too big to be posted here, so I created a Youtube video instead, where you can hear the entire speech. I turned up the volume on this one. If you cannot hear it, try headphones. If you still cannot hear it, contact me prior to 10 PM, and I will burn another CD.))


This file is unlisted, which means that you have to be given the link to see it. This is the only link to the video posted


Samantha Walker

Tegan Hunter

Anna Weis

Aaron Tuttle

Melanie Goebel

Sam Mueting

Elizabeth Kelly

Marissa Diekhoff

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VOD 2008-2009 Entries
Prompt: "Service and sacrifice by America's veterans benefit today's youth by..."

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8:00 Class Entries:
Alex Scharf
Emily Donnan
Amanda Lawler
Ryan Woodall

Anna Vaughn

Ellyn Polley

Kieran Pereira
Ashlee Sang

Allison Vaughn

Rob Hanson

Maggie Irvin

Ila Sruti
Paige Knippenberg

9:00 Class Entries
-Delayne Durdle

:Melanie Matlock

Ryanne Gorsuch

Carly Schumacher

Brittany Evans

Nat Murphy

Luke Harbers

Kasey Le

Wen Yang

Ji-Eun Park
external image mpeg.pngMelanie Matlock

Christine Do

Kari Fowler

Hana Ayele

Madeline Andre
Katie Klotzbach

2:00 Class Entries:
Robert Wan
Andre Aung
Cassie Anderson
Chirs Hoerdemann
Ikechi Nnamani

Jennifer Janssen
Jessie Swiech
Liz Risius
Munan Singhal

Bridget Lam

Kathleen Knight

Maria Helgeson

Elizabeth Ray

2007 VOD Entries:

Hayley Harroun
Hayley Harroun


Matt-Sheena-Rachel V
Katie Erdman 2007 VOD Speech
Erin Sage Voice of Democracy 07
VOD2.mp3 Fatima Kazmi 07
Angie Ostaszewski 2007
Alex Thoennes VOD 2007
Nick Houska VoD 2007
Anthony Duran VoD 07
Nick Hutchins VoD 07
Ellen Clay VOD 2007
Emily Stevens VOD 2007
Sheena Bhayana VOD 2007
Matt Skibo VOD 2007
Rachel Vazquez VOD 2007
Jessi Nguyen VOD 2007
Adam Larson 07
Anna Doran 07
Caroline Lartz 07
Trevor Rappa 07
Kaitlyn Nibbelin VoD 07
**Kathleen Johnson Voice of Democracy.mp3**
Matt's VOD recording.mp3
Liz Phipps VOD 07
Rustin Fakheri VOD 07
Rachel Solava VOD '07
Lauren Claire Brooks VOD '07
Ryan Davis VOD '07
Mika Tanaka VOD '07
Ally Miller VOD '07
Michael Fritz VOD '07